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Frequently asked questions/ Terms & Conditions...

1. How do I book?
The preferred method is by telephoning us, alternatively you can send an email or SMS text message. All of which can be found on the contact details page.
2. How much notice do I need to give for a booking?
You can book anytime between 7:00am & 7:00pm 7 days a week, however bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Alternatively you can contact us on the day as we may have availability. We also offer a late night collection 7pm available at an extra £30.
Late night collection and overnight hire are also available on request with all bouncy castle hires in Leeds, bouncy castle hire Wakefield, Bouncy castle Hire York and Bouncy castle hire across the entire UK.
3. How much does it cost?
Please see the inflatable's list in the various sections on the left hand side of our website. all items vary in price but are clearly displayed on our website. This is due to the different purchase costs and varying degrees of ware and tear that is likely to occur.
4. What do the prices include?
All bouncy castle booking prices include local delivery, a small charge may need to be charged for out of area deliveries, (please contact us for delivery rates). You will also receive everything needed to inflate the castle, which will be carried out by us at no extra charge. This includes a blower, extension cable, set up, inflation and collection. No Hidden Extra’s.
5. When are your bouncy castles available?
Our castles are available 7 days a week all year round including Bank Holidays.
6. How long do I get the equipment for?
As long as you need it for,. Most items dont have a limited time slot so can be booked anything from 7am to 7pm within the standard price. Overnight hire and late collections can be arranged under our flexible terms which is why we have become the most reliable and popular company to supply bouncy castle hire Leeds, bouncy castle hire Wakefield, Bouncy castle hire Huddersfield, Bouncy castle hire York and the rest of the UK.
7. Do you hire overnight or offer late night hire?
Yes, overnight hire is fine, simply click yes when completing the booking form online or mention it to me when ordering over the phone. Please feel free to Contact us using the contact us tab at the top of the page. We also offer a late night collection 7pm available at an extra £30. If a time greater then 7pm is selected, we will add the £30 charge on for you which will be noticeable in the confirmations.
8. Do I have to pay a deposit?
No deposit is required for any of our items ensuring that we are the most trusted company to supply bouncy castle hire Leeds, bouncy castle hire Wakefield, Bouncy castle hire Huddersfield, Bouncy castle hire York and the rest of the UK
9. How do I pay?
Payment can be made in many forms as follows;
Cheque or Bankers Drafts: Payments made by cheque or draft are accepted but must be received at least 7 days in advance of event date and are to be made payable to Funbounce Entertainments and should be posted to Funbounce Entertainments, Unit 8, Topcliffe Mill, Topcliffe Lane, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0HL with your name, address, event date & Invoice number (if known) clearly stated on the reverse of the draft.
Bacs/ Chaps/ Balance Transfer: Bacs, Chaps & balance transfers are accepted providing payment is received no less than 48hrs in advance of the event. Please contact us or request an invoice for full payment details.
PayPal: PayPal Transactions will be accepted 3 days in advance of the event date but are subject to a 3% charge. We are also able to accept credit cards this way but it does require a call to the office to make arrangements.

Cards: We do not accept credit cards over the phone via a terminal.

Invoice & Purchase orders: We are aware that some local authorities are bound by strict invoicing/ purchase order systems so please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be able to help.

Cash: Cash payment on delivery is acceptable if necessary but bacs is our preferred method & cash is discouraged.

10. What if I need to cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible to save unnecessary loading etc. Please take a look at our cancellation policy to check if you'll incur a charge for cancelling.
11. What if it rains?
We at Funbounce have a unique rain policy in that if your brave enough to have it then were brave enough to deliver it as who are we to cancel your party!! However it is advised that castles are switched off in adverse & wet conditions due to safety reasons as described in our health & safety section located at the top of this page.
Most of our inflatables are fitted with a rain cover, however this cannot guarantee 100% rain protection due to the nature of the inflatables. when an inflatable bounces around the roof is bound to move around and rain will leak in slightly.
Also it is a brief rain/ shower cover and not designed to be in use in torrential downpoors, especially given that the back and front of the inflatable has at least a 12ft hole in the front : ) Please bear this in mind when selecting an inflatable.
12. Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope?
It is advised that bouncy castles should be set up on as even ground as possible, However slight slopes may be possible subject to us an adequate description of the site beforehand, you will need to discuss this prior to the booking.
13. How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the inflatable?
The average bouncy castles take approx. 15 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack up. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which castle you hire.
14. How much space is needed?
Each piece of entertainment has its own special requirements in terms of space, which is clearly displayed on each of the items pages. Simply click on the item you like the look of and you will be re-directed to all the information you would ever need.
15. Why are your prices listed as FROM before the £ sign on your website?
This is done to avoid confusion, the price of certain entertainment varies depending on mainly the location and date of the hire, if it requires staffing, generators, 3rd party hire equipment or the number of days required, Therefore the price listed is the base price and varies based on all of these factors, However in 99% of these cases, the price is the price so don’t panic. Besides, all of these factors will be explained and a price given prior to you placing a booking with us.
16. What is included in the standard price?
All of the equipment needed for the safe operation of the rental and set up of that equipment on site, this includes an electric fan for inflatable games and electric power cable for other electronic entertainment.
PLEASE NOTE: Should you not have a normal power supply available within 75ft of an electronic or inflatable item, you may be required to hire a generator, these can be found in our generator hire section by clicking on the generator link to the left hand side of this page.
17. Do you have insurance cover?
Yes, We carry 5 million pounds public liability & 5 million pound product liability insurance, However every organisation will require a different level of cover so please feel free to download our insurance policy which can be found by clicking the health & safety tab at the top of this page or for further explanation please feel free to speak to one of our event coordinators. Should you wish to take additional insurance to cover any gaps between our insurance and yours. We recommend FLM insurance service who specialise in bouncy castle & events insurance... Please CLICK HERE for details
18. What length of time do I get the rental for?
Unless supervision is needed you can select time of delivery and collection, subject to availability. But please note the earlier your hire is booked the better chance you have of getting the desired time slot.
When booking our services you will notice that our standard delivery and collection terms state; Delivery can be expected anytime from 7am in the morning until 12noon and collections are to be expected anytime from 5pm until 12 midnight, This allows us to keep our price low and run a reliable service, However we do appreciate that different events require a different level of diversity and as such you can book specific time slots if required.
19. Can I expect you to arrive on time?
Our team of van drivers is assigned a schedule at the beginning of each day with your requested delivery time. Every driver has ample time to make all of their deliveries in a day. As always, there may be unforeseen circumstances or delays, but time is usually left between deliveries, to account for these incidents and we have spare staff in our warehouse of the day of your hire with a mobile vehicle specifically designed to rectify incidents so don’t panic.
When booking our services you will notice that our standard delivery and collection terms state; Delivery can be expected anytime from 7am in the morning right up until your party start time and collections are to be expected anytime from your event finish time right up until 2am (although unlikely), This allows us to keep our price low and run a reliable service, However we do appreciate that different events require a different level of diversity and as such you can book specific time slots if required.
20. Will you send me a confirmation of booking?
All bookings made with Funbounce entertainments will be entered into our hi-tech booking system “Funbounce 1” which allows us to confirm any booking in an instant. This process allows you check the details of your booking and ensure everything is correct. This is done strictly on email, again to keep our running cost down and our prices very competitive. As we deal with a large volume of bookings and calls per day confirmations are often difficult to carry out by paper, fax, post or telephone.
21. Are we VAT registered?
Yes we are a fully UK Ltd company registered for VAT. Better Bounce Direct, Funbounce Entertainments and its associated logos are all a trading name of Better Bounce Ltd. Vat Registration number: 105738128, Registered office, 15 Regency Gardens, Tingley, Wakefield, WF3 1JS.
22. How much notice do I need to give you for a booking?
You can book anytime. However, bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The sooner you book, the more likely the castle is to be available on your preferred hire date. We have a fully manned office from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
23. What if it rains?
Most of our castles have built in shower covers so can still be used in showery conditions. Bouncy castles should not be used in very heavy rain due to safety reasons. We operate a 24/7 policy and if you’re brave enough to have it, were brave enough to bring it. Cancellations due to bad weather still fall under our cancellation policy which can be found by clicking the cancellations tab at the top of this page.
24. Can you set up on concrete/driveways/gravel/decking?
We can set up our castles/obstacle course/slide/sumo suits and any other hire items on hard standing but we must be advised of this at the time of booking to ensure we bring the correct anchorage. In some circumstances we use a simple raw bolt drill tool to secure the bolts in place so that the castle/ inflatable remains completely safe all day. If your unsure about this, please contact us asap. BOLTS WILL NOT BE FILLED IN. Please ensure you have the correct mastic to suit your service. If you have, our staff will be happy to help.
25. Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope?
Yes, this is possible. However please let us know prior to our arrival to discuss the slope, certain slopes may be too steep for certain items so please advise us at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.
26. Obstructions.
Please make sure all dog do, garden items such as garden toys, swings, slides, patio furniture, rubbish etc. are removed from the area where the castle is to be sited.
At busy times we are unable to wait for the area to be cleared as we will have other deliveries. Therefore, so not to disappoint other customers, we may have to return at the end of the deliveries to set up your castle.
27. Can you deliver with no side entrance and take castle though the house?
Most of our items can fit through standard doors so this shouldn’t be a problem, However some of our inflatables are huge and will require a proper entrance so please advise us of your access type at the time of booking to avoid disappointment on the day.
Bouncy castles are often bigger and heavier than most people expect and use large sack trucks to move them. Unfortunately if it should rain, water will get inside the inflatable and this tends to drain out whilst being removed.... sometimes on your carpet so please bear this in mind as we cannot be responsible for any damages should they occur due to the castle being wet or general damage from the castle being taken through your house, always check with us on booking that the inflatable you have chosen will fit through a doorway. Accidents do happen and we can not be held responsible for this when we are expected to take outdoor equipment through someones home.
28. Do you supply safety instructions?
We provide detailed safety instructions with every hire.
29. Is there an age limit for children using the inflatables?
Yes, all our castles will have specific age specifications which can be found by clicking on each individual item and reading the specification box.
30. What happens with regards to trailing cables?
All cables are 240v blue commando plugs that are water resistant, however due to the nature of our work it is very impractical to cover the cables up and in some cases this can lead to overheating. As such we do not cover or tape down any cables. If you have any concerns over this, please let us know at least 7 days in advance of the booking and make sure your concerns are clearly displayed in the customer notes.
31. What about liquids such as foam, bubbles and other solutions? With regards to liquids, all products are the most friendly of products available. we do have cosh sheets available on all products which can be downloaded from our Health & Safety section. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR PAGES
3.3 Who is liable for the safeguard of the equipment?
All items delivered to you are left in your care whilst we are absent until such time as we are able to collect the item(s) you have hired. In some cases this may not be as agreed due to circumstances out of our control. Please ensure that all equipment is kept in a safe and secure location, especially in peak season where collections can be as late as 2am due to the high volume of work we undertake. Remember all theft from property is the responsibility of the customer/ hirer, not our company.
3.4 Dress Code.
Due to the ever changing work load of our entertainment staff throughout the day, it has been difficult choosing an appropriate uniform. When we work for entertainment agencies they often prefer us to use unmarked vehicles and clothing, when we work for corporate functions were often requested to wear there corporate dress code to match other suppliers, outdoor events are usually hi viz provided by the organiser and there is a whole host of other dress codes varying massively from wedding factions to private parties. As such, we now request that all clients inform us of what dress code they require if its a sensitive issue or we will select an appropriate code for you.

In addition to the above, Please read our terms & condition at the end of the following link;

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the products advertised on this site may not belong to Funbounce Entertainments. We often advertise products on this site in order to gain public interest and opinions rather than risk the purchase of unpopular products . Should a product be popular, we will endeavour to either purchase this product or make it available o hire for you.

Notwithstanding the above, our staff will work tirelessly until the equipment is satisfactory and endeavour to keep you updated. Should you still not find the equipment to be satisfactory, you still have the right to refuse delivery on the day r request a substitution, however our drivers keep a very tight schedule and all requests must be made prior to the driver leaving site.

Please do not book with Funbounce Entertainments unless you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions above

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