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Custom Designs/ Bespoke Inflatables

Funbounce Entertainments are well known in the industry for our technical design knowledge and ability to custom design bespoke inflatables using some of the most advanced technology in the world. In addition to hire we also own one of the largest manufacturing companies in the UK.

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How having customised Inflatables works: Each individual product begins life as a simple drawing or model provided by the client or sketch made by one of our designers. We then sketch up a design to ensure we're all thinking along the same lines. Once this is agreed we move forward to the schematics stage.

At this point one of our designers will do a technical drawing of the product using design software to give a visual representation similar to building plans provided by an architect. This will give the client a clear representation of what of what the product will look like in terms of scale and proportion and will give us a clear indication of size, weight, artwork requirements and allow us to give an accurate quotation for the project to move forwards.

Once we've tweaked the drawings to suit your needs will will finalise a quotation for you and either we agree to move forward or decide that the project isn't feasible. Up until this stage, the design work won't have cost you a penny so don't worry, Although some very detailed projects may attract a design fee depending on the level of work involved.

Hopefully by this point we should have agreed to move forward with the project. A deposit is payed and the price we agreed on will remain the same regardless of the true cost so we guarantee not to inflate our prices and carry the cost of any unforeseen problems.

CLICK HERE to see a list of case studies compiled from some of my favourite custom projects/ builds from over the past few years. Hopefully this will give you an insight into what to expect and how our custom project works.

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